The South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation (SCOR EDC) is a regional partnership comprised of the Counties of Brant, Elgin, Middlesex , Norfolk and Oxford. SCOR was incorporated in 2010 as a means to provide planning and coordination for regional issues, implement regional economic development priorities, identify funding sources and to partner with other levels of government, and act as a regional catalyst for investment.

A strategic plan was created in response to the decline of the tobacco industry and the losses in manufacturing and related jobs between 2006 and 2009.  The Councils and Mayors of the  5 counties agreed to jointly focus on the transition in the local economies to take advantage of new opportunities.  With the extensive support of volunteers and stakeholders from across the region, SCOR EDC implemented its long-range strategic management plan.

The founding SCOR EDC Board of Directors recognized that continued investment and strong commitment to partners would be needed to best position the region and individual partner counties to take advantage of opportunities and to insulate the counties against other unforeseen economic downturns.  Continued commitment with long range thinking for the region are needed if we are going to reap the full benefits or our vision and labour

SCOR EDC is a legal entity which is governed by two representatives from each partner county.  SCOR has a responsibility to the partner to provide a regular forum for partner appointed officials to weigh in on current strategies and initiatives from each counties perspective and report back to the wider council. 

Founding Board of Directors were Ron Eddy – Brant County, Kevin Hodge-Brant County, Bob Habkirk-Elgin County, John Wilson-Elgin County, Jim Maudsley-Middlesex County, Wes Hodgson-Middlesex County, Dennis Travale- Norfolk County, Jim Oliver-Norfolk County, Stephen Molnar – Oxford County, Don Doan- Oxford County.  The inaugural executive consisted of Chair-Dennis Travale, Vice Chair Stephen Molnar and Treasurer Bob Habkirk