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Connectivity and Economic Development Strategies Announced for Rural Canada

SCOR EDC has been advocating for the need for ubiquitous rural broadband since its inception in 2010.   Other organizations such as the WOWC and ROI have also recognized this need as critical to keep rural Ontario and specifically the South Central Ontario region competitive. As a region we are excited to see actions start to take place to make this a reality.

At the end of June Minister Bernadette Jordan, the first Minister of Rural Economic Development, announced two national strategies. The first one is called “Rural Opportunity, National Prosperity. An Economic Development Strategy for Canada” and the second one is called “High-Speed Access for All: Canada’s Connectivity Strategy”. 

The rural economic development strategy focuses on:

  • High-speed internet and wireless connectivity

  • Rural economics and job creation

  • Infrastructure to drive economic growth

  • Protecting rural communities from climate change

  • Affordable housing

  • Resident attraction

  • And partnerships

The connectivity strategy focuses on:

  • Meeting household and business needs

  • Making best use of infrastructure

  • Coordination

  • Reducing administrative burdens

  • Improve data sharing

  • And more

Minister Bernadette Jordan announced that $1.7 billion is new funding will be going towards broadband infrastructure. 



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