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Agricultural Resources

Over the next three weeks we will be featuring resources that focus on SCOR EDC’s three main priorities which are:

  • Sector Development with a focus on agriculture

  • Infrastructure that supports economic development

  • Human capital that supports economic development

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The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs continues to offer workshops, resources and eLearning opportunities at no cost for the agri-food and agri-products sector.

  • Environmental Farm Plan workshop – The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is an assessment voluntarily prepared by farm families to increase their environmental awareness in up to 23 different areas on their farm.

  • Growing Your Farm Profits workshop – Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP) is the place to start improving your business and by combining self-assessment and action plan development with a range of cost-share funding through Growing Forward 2.

  • Biosecurity workshop for Producers – The Biosecurity workshops are a good place to start addressing your on-farm biosecurity program. These are commodity-specific, one-day workshops, where a veterinarian or certified crop advisor will show you the benefits of having an on-farm biosecurity program, and identify key practices to help you enhance biosecurity measures on-farm.Incentives and Programs. Head over to our SCOR Business Portal Incentives page where you will find a long list of Agriculture and Food Processing incentives and program opportunities.

  • Click here to learn more!

The following courses are available for no cost:

  • Producer: Food Safety Foundations

  • Processor: Food Safety Foundations

  • The Basics of Traceability

  • Processor: Recall

  • Processor: Sanitation

  • Processor: Personnel

  • Producer: Water Use

  • Producer: Worker Practices

  • Producer: Maximizing your Traceability Investment

  • Processor: Profiting from Traceability

  • Growing Your Farm Profits

Have questions or would like to be featured on the SCOR EDC blog? Email for more information!


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