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Inter-community transit – SCT

Southwest Community Transit (SCT) is an association of member municipalities across Southwestern Ontario (SWO). SCT members are committed to providing affordable transit options for residents to access employment, healthcare, education and recreation. 


Shortline/Freight Rail

The Cayuga Shortline rail systems that runs from just east of St Thomas through Oxford County and on into Norfolk County serves many businesses in the manufacturing and agricultural sector.  This strategic line is integral to businesses along the line and offers an opportunity to attract new investment to the region.  

Since the onset of the pandemic our supply chains have been under fire as never before, revealing cracks in our supply chains and the infrastructure that supports those networks.  Shortline rail lines are an integral part of our rail system and overall supply chain.


Short line rail operators provide first mile/last mile delivery options to customers and industries that are often located in rural communities. These businesses are often reliant on rail for transport of goods and would not have a viable business model without rail as a transport option.  


Trains, on average, are three to four times more fuel-efficient than trucks. Just one locomotive can haul a tonne of goods more than 220 kilometres on a single litre of fuel, while removing upwards of 300 trucks from our highways and roads.

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