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Get to Know the Region: Brant County!

What makes the County of Brant unique?

Conveniently situated in south-central Ontario, the County of Brant is one of 5 partner municipalities with the South Central Ontario Regional Economic Development Corporation.

Boasting a population of approximately 40,000 persons dispersed amongst a number of thriving communities which have witnessed growth in resident attraction, tourism as well as commercial and industrial investments – the County of Brant has tremendous opportunity to capitalize on continued growth in the coming years.

Given the County’s strong focus in the sectors of general and advanced manufacturing, agriculture and tourism as evidenced by solid location quotients, the municipality provides a recipe for success with our local industries/businesses. With a pro-active and strategic thinking team, in partnership with SCOR EDC, we will strive to become an economic powerhouse and establish our geographic area as a top globally competitive economic region.

Meet your EDO

With a vast array of experience and knowledge in the economic development realm, the County of Brant’s General Manager of Economic Development & Tourism, Alison Newton is thoroughly optimistic about the future of the County.

With an enriched background of experience that has involved work in the real estate sector as well as various positions at the municipal economic development level, Ms. Newton is a bright and very strategic leader.

At the helm of Economic Development & Tourism for the County of Brant, she has recognized the fact that there is a very unique market that is poised to be on the threshold of major developments and is guiding a pro-active team to shape growth that leads to the right fit for the citizens of the communities within Brant.

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