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Get to Know the Region: Municipality of Bayham!

The Municipality of Bayham is situated on the north shore of Lake Erie, in the southeast corner of Elgin County. Industry in the Municipality of Bayham is focused around agribusiness, creative services, manufacturing, and tourism. The Municipality of Bayham is one of three municipalities participating in the Erie Shores Wind Farm.

The Municipality of Bayham has long been known for its rich agricultural history and fertile soils. If you can find a market, it can be grown in Bayham.  The Municipality continues to honour this heritage by being a founding member of the ALUS program, utilizing marginal lands to protect prime lands for ongoing and future use and being a municipal member of the South Central Ontario Region (SCOR) Economic Development Corporation which is a regional partnership comprised of the County of Brant, the Municipality of Bayham, Middlesex County, Norfolk County and Oxford County. Additionally, through Elgin County, Bayham is a member of the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus which has recently commenced a regional economic development initiative to further the interests of rural Ontario, including Bayham.

These organizations provide research, planning and coordination for regional issues, implementation of regional economic development priorities, identifies funding sources and partners with other levels of government, to act as a catalyst for rural investment.

Feature a successful program you run (funding program, youth program, tourism program)

Bayham has been active in the Elgincentives Program – A Community Improvement Plan that allows the Municipality of Bayham to provide financial incentives (we’re calling them ‘Elgincentives’) to businesses and land owners that will help lead growth and shape the Municipality.  Elgin County and the Municipality of Bayham is excited to introduce the Elgincentives Community Improvement Plan to improve our downtowns, waterfronts, agricultural and tourism areas. Elgin County is dedicated to enhancing the quality of place for businesses, residents and visitor’s alike, stimulating economic growth and diversification. The Municipality of Bayham has adopted a CIP as a component of a progressive and strategic County-wide framework for community improvement planning that is to be administered and funded in partnership with Elgin County.Examples: (The New New Age, Mudford’s Market, Schooners Galley, Simply Scoops, Phatty’s Pizza, Periscope Playhouse, Port Burwell Pharmacy)In 2017 the Municipality of Bayham was the recipient of the E.A. Danby Award for Municipal Administration Innovation. Through the use of Laserfiche Bayham has digitized and automated many services to streamline services and reduce red tape.

Feature some upcoming initiatives

Bayham is making application to have the Port Burwell Beach designated as a Blue Flag Beach to improve name recognition and promote tourism. Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-certification for beaches and marinas. When you see a Blue Flag flying, you know a beach or marina is clean and accessible; has great water quality; meets high safety standards; and is working hard to protect local shorelines and ecosystems.The Municipality is making efforts to improve walkability and recreation in Bayham.  Significant improvements were conducted at the Port Burwell Ball Diamond, Straffordville Community Park and Port Burwell Beach area.  2017 Tourism statistics at the lighthouse and museum were up over 2016.The Municipality is completing a Community Energy Plan to showcase the conservation and sustainability efforts of the community.The Municipality is also updating its Official Plan in 2018 to further stream line planning approvals.

More than ever Bayham is the Community Where ‘Opportunity is Yours’, make sure you come check it out!

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