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Get to Know the Region: Oxford County!

Economic development is a key priority in the County of Oxford with economic development offices in multiple communities.

Oxford County

Oxford County represents the best of both worlds: urban communities full of life, entertainment and commerce; and, rural areas that are rich in natural resources, history and farming communities.

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Oxford County is home to several thriving communities. As a highly accessible location, with first rate transportation routes, Oxford is home to eight area municipalities that are fit for your business and your life.

Town of Tillsonburg

Located in Ontario’s manufacturing heartland, and close to major centres, Tillsonburg is an attractive place for employment and investment. Tillsonburg is where highly skilled and talented people converge. Our high quality of life is appealing to workers, and our ingenuity and work ethic are deeply ingrained. Our entrepreneurial spirit is evident in grass-roots solutions and strong public support.

Through our Community Improvement Plan, we are offering development activities and enhanced rebates that assist in the redevelopment of lands, buildings and infrastructure to enable re-investment.

City of Woodstock

Woodstock offers a quality of life that is second to none. As the largest centre in Oxford County, Woodstock is ideally situated in the centre of Southwestern Ontario, in the midst of one of the most robust economies in North America. Woodstock is in the heart of a rich farming and manufacturing belt between the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

As our city grows, so too do the business opportunities and we’re committed to doing what we can to help new and established businesses make the most out of them.

Town of Ingersoll

Ingersoll is located in the heartland of southwestern Ontario and is a 30 minute drive to more than 800,000 people and a day’s drive to 153 million people. We are a community full of people that care about our community, our livelihood and our future. It is a community of people that take action and work at the grassroots level to achieve our mutual ambitions.

Through our Downtown Revitalization Strategy, we are in the process of maintaining and attracting new business to our downtown core to provide the perfect lifestyle for young families or seniors.

Rural Oxford

Life is good in Rural Oxford. Our people look after each other with strong stewardship of our environment, food, recreation, tourism and culture. The result is a healthy and safe environment where business and families thrive, whether they are new to the area or have lived here for generations.

Rural Oxford is well known for the leadership role it has played in Canadian agriculture. Tremendous crop diversity and value is evident in our fields, and innovation is one of the things we grow best.


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