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Highlight on Food and Beverage Ontario

About Food and Beverage Ontario (FBO)

FBO is a not-for-profit, leadership organization dedicated to advancing the interests of Ontario’s food and beverage processors and is the is the provincial professional leadership organization for food and beverage processors across Ontario.

Their focus is on the success, prosperity and growth of the food and beverage processing sector. They work collaboratively with our colleagues and partners across the agriculture and food sector.

Established in 2003 as the Alliance of Ontario Food Processors, FBO has evolved into the organization of choice for members of the processing community – a community that contributes over $42 billion annually and is the number one employer in Ontario.

Governed by an industry-led Board of Directors and support from a dedicated staff team, FBO is a powerful advocate and facilitator of success for all categories of Ontario processor business. Our goal at FBO is to promote and support a competitive Ontario industry locally and within the global marketplace.

About the Industry

Ontario’s food and beverage processing (FBP) sector is the largest in Canada – accounting for 37% of the industry’s revenue in the country. The sector has more than 4,000 establishments in the province, employing over 95,000 people. More than 90% of its establishments employ fewer than 100 people and one quarter is located in rural communities.

There are several aspects that provide the Ontario food & beverage processing industry with a competitive advantage, including a rich agricultural base, a large consumer base, an educated workforce, adequate infrastructure, competitive costs, and a cluster of research and innovation opportunities in the sector.

To learn more about the industry download 2019 Ontario’s Labour Market Information Report here and this report prepared by FBO as a guide to a more competitive and co-ordinated industry. 

Becoming a Member 

FBO represents Ontario processor businesses of all sizes and categories.They also offer membership for industry stakeholders and partners including suppliers, vendors, academia, associations and other relevant businesses. New members are always welcome. To learn more about becoming a member and to apply visit:

SCOR EDC is an associate member of FBO on behalf of our county partners. To learn more email

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