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Highlight on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

FCM has been the national voice of municipal government since 1901. Their members include more than 2,000 municipalities of all sizes, from Canada's cities and rural communities, to northern communities and 20 provincial and territorial municipal associations. Together, they represent more than 90 percent of all Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Municipal leaders from across Canada assemble each year to set FCM policy on key issues.

Canadian municipalities came together in 1901 as the Union of Canadian Municipalities (UCM). The Dominion Conference of Mayors was established in 1935 and by 1937 the two national bodies joined as the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities—renamed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in 1976.

Today, they advocate for municipalities to be sure their citizens' needs are reflected in federal policies and programs.


FCM is here to provide you with support for green initiatives, affordable housing, women in government, climate protection, partnerships involving First Nations communities and more. Learn about their programs and take advantage of their funding, training and resources.

Funding Opportunities:

FCM offers grants for municipal environmental projects. Loans are also available to municipalities at competitive rates, and most recipients receive an additional grant of up to 15 percent of their loan amount. Municipal partners may apply for competitive, long-term financing. 

  • Plans

  • Studies

  • Pilot Projects

  • Capital Projects

  • Asset Management Grants

  • Partner Grants

Sources: All information was sourced from the FCM website


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