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Local Jobs Hub Tool Now Live!

The Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board is launching the all-in-one digital system for job seekers across the three counties. Composed of 3 tools, Local Jobs Hub aims to help match local job seekers with employers, training, and skill building in the region. The tool has been funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, and has been developed with community partners.

The tools:

Local Jobs Hub

  • Access job information from over 15 of the most popular job sites in the area. Filter thousands of jobs by language, skill level, skill type, job duration and more.

  • Integrated with Google Translate, so jobseekers can see jobs in their preferred language

  • Jobs are added every hour on the hour, and expired jobs are removed at the end of the day, giving jobseekers the most accurate picture of the job market as it changes.

Local Jobs Hub Maps

  • See what jobs are available in your area and beyond by populating them on a map.

  • Refine your search by location or use the filters along the side.

  • Cross reference with childcare centers, bus routes, skill development centres, Service Canada locations, Employment Ontario services, and more.

Local Jobs Hub Careers (coming in August)

  • Explore new options for careers

  • See a real time visual map populated with job postings

  • Find related career paths and learn which jobs are currently in demand

For Job Seekers:

There’s a new all-in-one tool at your fingertips! Explore two new community developed tools to expand your job search. Refine your search using the filters and use the map tool to cross-reference job postings with nearby bus routes, childcare centers and more.

For Employers:

Now, when you post with any of the 15 most popular job search sites for the area, your posting is going further than ever. Local Jobs Hub will be helping you attract talent across the three counties and direct more traffic to your posting

This community minded tool has been developed in conjunction with our partners:

  • City of London

  • Elgin-St. Thomas Workforce Development Partnershi

  • pInformation London

  • London Economic Development Corporation

  • Middlesex Workforce Development Partnership

  • Oxford Workforce Development Partnership

  • South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation

  • The Employment Sector Council

  • (The) Health Line Information Network

  • United Way Elgin Middlesex

To view the tool and to find out more visit:


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