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MEALsource Provides Local Food Options for Clients

MEALsource is a not-for-profit food and nutrition procurement program representing the purchasing interests of numerous hospitals, long-term care facilities, complex continuing care facilities, mental health/addiction facilities and retail outlets across Ontario.  It is part of St. Joseph’s Health System, Group Purchasing Organization (SJHS-GPO) and is one of two core procurement programs.  

Healthcare food service providers have come to trust the MEALsource program to efficiently and effectively manage the sourcing process for a full range of quality food and nutrition products from dairy, produce and proteins to soups, beverages, snacks and more, including many local food options. 

Food System Sustainability is Key

MEALsource has been recognized for its ground-breaking work to advance opportunities for local food producers to become engaged in the healthcare contract process. Using the power of the dollar, they have helped increase purchases of local, sustainable foods that contribute to a more resilient local food system, while bringing more local fruits, vegetables and protein to the table for their Members’ patients.

They are committed to the education and inclusion of new Suppliers, as well as providing a level playing field for participation in our processes.

MEALsource is honoured to participate as an advisor in Nourish, which is hosted and funded by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.  Currently, this group is working on five collaborative projects, you can follow these projects here.

SCOR's History with MEALsource

Wendy Smith, who is an integral part of the MEALSource team, was an active and strong member of the SCOR FoodHub. “Working with the team at SCOR has had immeasurable benefit to the MEALsource Team and our Members.  As institutional buyers spending tax dollars as well as anchor institutions within communities across Southern Ontario, it is our responsibility to know about and engage with the food system in our region” says Wendy. 

This project was established as a means to bring small to mid-sized farms in the South Central Ontario Region together to build relationships, access markets (particularly the broader public sector market) and seek opportunities to work together to continue to build a stronger agricultural sector in the region and the Province. 


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