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Media Release: SCOR EDC Moving Transportation Forward

SCOR EDC is moving regional transportation forward.  As part of the delegations with Ministers at the AMO conference in August SCOR EDC met with Minister Mulroney and seven other Ministers to discuss needs and opportunities across the region

Stephen Molnar, Chair of SCOR EDC and Mayor of Town of Tillsonburg comments that “we have been working with MTO and other Ministries since our inception in 2010.  In 2013 SCOR EDC identified transportation as a critical piece of infrastructure needs across the region.  To that end we have been in conversations with MTO on the need for a transportation plan for the region.   The five county partnership is like having a concierge for regional stakeholders and residents.”

SCOR EDC hosted the first in a series of regional transportation sessions to coordinate transportation across the five county region.  In attendance at the session were representatives of communities implementing or considering community transportation models.  The session focused on collaboration, coordination and streamlining information and rider experience across the five county region.  The session included representatives from County of Brant, Elgin County, Municipality of Bayham, Middlesex County, Norfolk County Oxford County and Haldimand County. 

Stephen Molnar comments, “This is really a fantastic example of how the five county region and its neighbors can work towards solid solutions for the region.   This session was all about being efficient with resources and coming together to tackle large scale issues.  SCOR provides a vehicle for elected officials to come together in an efficient and cost effective manner to serve their communities.”

Alison Warwick, SCOR EDC Board member and Mayor of Thames Centre also commented, “this is a prime example of how we are working together to ensure that our communities are well connected and have infrastructure in place to serve our residents.  The public does not care about municipal boundaries.  They want integrated services that will work for them and their communities.”

SCOR EDC also presented on their regional transportation model and work at the recent Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Policy Forum held in London at the Hilton Doubletree hotel. The AMO forum was attended by municipalities across the Province. 

Media Contacts:

Stephen Molnar, Chair, SCOR EDC

Phone: 519-688-3009 ext 3234



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