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SCOR Advocates for Natural Gas Expansion

The South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation (SCOR EDC) is a partnership of municipalities who recognize the unique opportunities and issues in rural Ontario and. The not for profit corporation is owned by the counties of Brant, Elgin, Middlesex, Norfolk and Oxford. SCOR EDC is home to over 1.5 million residents and  is proud to represent the 490,000+ residents living in small urban and rural communities. 

SCOR EDC is governed by a Board of Directors that are elected officials from each of the five counties and have a genuine stake in the communities they represent and vision for the future of this region. The Board of Directors in 2019 include David Bailey, Robert Chambers, Ed Ketchabaw, Susan Chilcott, Alison Warwick, Brad Richards, Kristal Chopp, Chris Van Paassen, Larry Martin and our Chair Stephen Molnar.

In rural Ontario, many of our businesses are far more spread out than our urban counterparts. Our agricultural businesses and small businesses in extremely rural communities have little options in terms of the energy sources they can access which puts them at a disadvantage to larger urban neighbours and globally. These rural businesses should have the choice to determine which energy sources they need to operate effectively. 

There is currently great demand for natural gas in rural Ontario not just among businesses but families as well due to the increased yearly costs to heat residential homes and run businesses. 

SCOR EDC was proud to represent our partner counties in speaking about the need for expansion of Natural Gas Program Bill 32 in front of the Standing Committee for General Government.

SCOR EDC encourages the Ministry to work with other ministries to ensure that the South Central Ontario Region and rural Ontario has greater access to affordable natural gas energy.


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