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12 Ways to Support Local Food

It’s Local Food Week! Make sure you show your support by buying and supporting local producers, markets, and products.

Not sure where to start? Check out the resources below and tips on how to support local food all year!

How to Support Local All Year

  1. Read labels. Check to see where you produce is coming from.

  2. Demand local. If you can’t find it, request it from your local grocer!

  3. Go to a local farmers market or buy direct from a farm

  4. Talk to a producer or artisan – learn about them and their product

  5. Stock up and freeze produce to stretch certain foods into the fall and winter. Try buying berries in bulk and freezing them.

  6. Eat with the seasons. Check out FoodLand Ontario’s Availability Guide so you know exactly when fruits and vegetables will be in season

  7. Source your meat from a local butcher

  8. Visit FoodLand Ontario for locally inspired recipes

  9. Support local through when traveling through the region. Check out local food artisans. Go to the “Resources Around the Region” section below to find some great places to stop in each County.

  10. Eat at restaurants that are dedicated to serving local food. We have lots in the region and some can be found on the in the links under “Resources Around the Region” or on the FeastON website

  11. Join a CSAGrow your own food! Tight on space? No problem! There are many great options for growing food in small spaces.

  12. There are ladder gardens, planters, and indoor plant options, just to name a few. Go to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Resources around the region

For Kids

More about local food in Ontario

Local food has gained a lot of attention in recent years. In 2013 the Ontario Government introduced the Local Food Act. Through a number of ongoing activities, including the Local Food Act, 2013, the government is aiming to:

increase consumer awareness and education,improve access to local food, andensure that there is sufficient supply to meet demand.

To find out more about the Local Food Act click here!


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