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Ontario Agriculture Week 2020 is HERE!

Ontario Agriculture Week 2020 is HERE!

Ontario Agriculture Week is taking place on October 5-11. Join us in celebrating the abundance of food our farmers produce, the Ontarians our industry employs, the rural communities we support and the economic engine we fuel.

Looking for Local?

Ontario Agriculture Quick Facts

  • There are 70,470 farm operators in Ontario. This refers to people responsible for the management decisions in an agricultural operation.

  • Did you know that the average farm size in Ontario is 249 acres? That’s equivalent to 622.5 hockey rinks!

  • Did you know that 30% of Ontario farm operators are female? This number is on the rise!

  • Ontario farmers produce more than 200 products! Learn what crops are in season by visiting

Fun Facts!

  • Did you know craft breweries are located in more than 110 communities across Ontario, with 80+ more breweries in planning stages. Ontario’s craft beer sector continues to grow and contribute to local economies!

  • Ontario is home to many regions with widely recognized wine grapes that are traditionally grown in more moderate climates. Bring home VQA today!

  • Today's farmer feeds over 120 people and Canadian farmers now supply 150 other countries with food.

  • Have you ever cooked with honey? You can bake with local honey, substitute honey for sugar, or you can use honey for preserving! Visit to see recipes and locations close by to purchase local honey!

  • In Ontario, maple syrup is produced commercially wherever maples are found: from the southern tip of the province to Thunder Bay in the northwest. Find out where you can purchase local maple syrup at

  • Did you know that butter - one of the oldest and most natural foods on the planet - has been part of the human diet for thousands of years?


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