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SCOR EDC Hosts Annual Regional MPP Meeting

On November 22nd 2019 SCOR EDC hosted its Annual Regional MPP Meeting in order to come together as a region and discuss common issues.

The MPP's in attendance were:

  • Hon. Ernie Hardeman

  • MPP Will Bouma

  • MPP Toby Barrett

  • John Fraser, Executive Assistant on behalf of Hon. Monte McNaughton

  • Regrets, Hon. Jeff Yurek

During this meeting the following regional issues were discussed:


  • Municipalities need for continuous and consistent infrastructure payments

  • Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act

  • Drainage Act


  • Access to affordable housing for workforce in local communities

  • Access to transportation for workforce in local communities

-Sector Development

  • Tourism industry challenges with maintaining staff for four season industry

  • Biogas expansion

  • Line Fences Act

We would also like to extend a thank-you to all of the MPPs and partners around the region who attended the event. This is an example of long term commitment to collaboration for the success and prosperity of the region. 


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